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The secret behind The Van That Can

The Van That Can started in early 2012 when I, Tara-Jay Rimmer, was left alone with a box containing a Stand Up Paddle Board that I had waited 6 weeks for. The day it arrived, it was raining in Brisbane (seriously) and I had taken an annual leave day off work, super excited about my purchase. The delivery drivers (yes, 2 of them) arrived then refused to take it upstairs to my unit, because it was too heavy…. a floating device too heavy for TWO men. Arghhhhhhh. So I did what any British ex-pat would do on a rainy day and had a cup of tea and a biscuit and reminisced about England. ;)

We realized that more people must be in this situation, home alone with no one to assist, and the reflection that this has on the reputation of the company that provided the product. In the time it took for Lee Hovey, husband, to return home, The Van That Can was created.

With a catchy business name and an energetic attitude, out we went into Brisbane's furniture removal and delivery game. So what can The Van That Can do? It can move things; anything and many things and we will show you throughout this blog. We can move a single chair or a 2-bedroom apartment.

Besides giving us an awesome name, using vans also helps our team comfortably navigate the steep hills of Paddington and nip in and out of the city's high-rise car parks. It has also helped us keep our costs down for our customers as that is a number one priority. As a family owned business, we really value repeat customers and understand the importance of doing a job well.

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